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18 Apr 2021 - 9:15

The Institute for East Strategic Studies (IESS) has published its 59th special issue entitled: "The Zionist regime’s relations with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and the future outlook."

In this special issue, it is noted that Israel's game in Central Asia would be a zero sum game for the Islamic Republic of Iran. All of Tel Aviv's efforts to create new opportunities in various fields mean that those opportunities are lost for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Moreover, the experience of Israel's presence in any part of the world has shown that the influence and hidden layers of the regime's lobby have always sought to intrigues against the interests of the Islamic countries, especially Iran.  

So, although in the short term one cannot imagine any tangible threat from Israel in Central Asia against Iran, it may be possible for Tel Aviv to create such a context in the long run.

From this perspective, any movement of the Zionist regime in the neighboring countries is important to Tehran. Therefore, paying attention to the development of the Zionist regime's relations with the two republics of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and analyzing its future trend can prepare the ground for Iran’s Balancing acts and countermeasures in order to response to the potential threats.

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